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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Missy Elliott just dropped a new track and I've never been so happy to get new music in this new age world of Igloo Australia's and Macklemore's. I missed Missy. Her, L Boogie, and Lil Kim were the BUSINESS! Hell, back in the day female MCs were giving us everything, from MC Lyte to Left Eye and now they're giving us all flash and no substance. Congrats. Your ass is huge, all of your shit is expensive, and your face is beat. Meanwhile your lyrics are trash, your albums don't sell, and you can't perform live to save your life...but you're a performer. Weird.
And ahead of the game she is! Missy just gave us a new track AND a visual. Talk about making my damn day! Watch the video below:

"WTF" is available online [iTunesNOW! Support real artists!

Natasha Marie

Natasha Marie
Written by Natasha Marie

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