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Monday, January 18, 2016

As report card time comes around, please be sure NOT to accept these grades at face value. In addition to the report card, talk to your child's teachers about their strengths and weaknesses.
Grades are not a true indication of what your students knows....they are EXTREMELY classroom teacher biased. We can all remember doing that one extra credit assignment to bump that B to an A, right??? Does that really mean that we learned more content? NOOO!
You've never thought about it in that sense, huh? Well State assessments (for Florida) are 10 weeks away...this is the time that students should be in buckle down mode, as you ensure that you partner with your teacher to talk about STANDARDS based strengths and weaknesses. If you're taking notes you should be like this by now:
Recall, this is NOT about what little Johnny got on the classroom worksheet or what his report looks like:
The state standardized tests are not written with us in mind so we have to study specifically for them. Here is a link to a practice assessment. PLEASE GO OVER THIS WITH YOUR CHILD(REN):

Have your child begin to practice and go over the test content. Essentially, the goal is to remove as many barriers as possible by providing familiarity with the test, item format, etc.
The more you talk about it at home and reinforce the school-home partnership, the better your child will do. We want them to feel comfortable participating and answering questions in the classroom. It's up to US to even the playing field!


Natasha Marie
Written by Natasha Marie

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