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Monday, November 30, 2015

SO I bought Ms. Badu's new mixtape and let me tell you that shit is hilarious! The sound, oh the sound, it's typical Badu flavor, you know? And the lyrics? It's that sass and hilarity we've all come to love and expect, especially if you follow her on social media (or watched the Soul Train Awards). Matter of fact...
I think Jesus shed a tear when Badu dropped that real. In fact, I believe she has solidified her place in the Heavenly Choir led by the late great incomparable Whitney "The Voice" Houston aka Nippy. This mixtape though? It's bomb. The phone theme was too funny and she play all her life with the interludes and lyrics. When she said "You used to call me on my cell-u-lar de-vice at night" on her "Hotline Bling" remix I was like
"But You Caint Use My Phone" is available on iTunes [download] NOW! Support good music!

Natasha Marie

Natasha Marie
Written by Natasha Marie

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