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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dear Natasha,

Your letters on friendship have been so good so thank you! They made me think about my own friendships. One specifically. I have an ex-friend who stopped being my friend for the same reason that she befriends others. It was really weird to me and for the longest time I kept reevaluating myself and the things I did trying to figure out what I did wrong. Or what was wrong with me. I questioned so much about myself and I got lost in the feeling that maybe I wasn't a good person. Sometimes I still feel that way even though I lost the friendship and don't want it back. It made me insecure and I question myself so much more than before. Any advice?


Lost My Confidence

 Dear Lost My Confidence,

Girl! Let me tell you something about HYPOCRITES. They will never change because they cannot see in themselves that which is inherently evil. Trust me. I've been through it all. I had something similar happen to me during one of the hardest times of my life. I was in a new city, I was homesick, physically sick, stressed out, and an emotional wreck most of the time. But I never wanted to show weakness so I threw myself into helping a friend and distracting myself with all of her problems. Then she turned on me for the most ridiculous reasons. And it basically ripped off the bandaid that I'd taped my other issues with. I was literally being held together with sticks and spit so I hit rock bottom. Fast! And I questioned myself, I sifted through my actions with a fine toothed comb over and over again until I made myself even sicker. It was the lowest I've ever been. But you know what? I took a step back, surrounded myself with the people and things that reminded me that I am loved, and I came to the realization that it wasn't me at all. It was her. So all of the doubt and self loathing? It's normal. Luckily, I'm here to inform you it gets better. Just take it day by day and love yourself all the while trusting in your character and faith. You may fall but don't stay down. As far as your ex-friend? Good riddance and steer clear of her! She's toxic. Clearly

I love you for this letter. Truly. Keep your head up babe!


Natasha Marie

Natasha Marie
Written by Natasha Marie

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