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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mariah Carey, ladies and gentlemen, MARIAH CAREY. When I look at her in the picture above, waving to the peasants and haters alike, I am ensnared in the very essence of she. How can one human being enchant the masses for years and surely for the rest of eternity? I've discovered the reason for this: Mariah Carey IS JESUS. Yes, she is the son of God, sent down to Earth in 1970 to bless our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits, as the holy vocal vessel of the Messiah.
I find it absolutely AMAZING how you people can slander a legend like MOTHA, the incomparable MARIAH CAREY. She has accomplished so much in her decades of artistry that your faves can only DREAM to aspire to. In their prime, MC and the late great Fairy Godmother Whitney were outsinging everybody. Let's just keep it absolutely 100 because your faves are currently in their primes and have NOTHING on 90s Mariah. And even on her worst day she's still better than some of your faves' at their best. Is that why it hurts so much? Yeah...I'd be hurt too.
Why, pray tell, did yesterday's 75 minutes of absolute and unequivocal Holiday slayyyage seem to go unnoticed by the unwashed masses who were so quick to post the unedited vocals of the GODDESS Elect?!? Hmmm...interesting. Let us watch...
At the end of the day, I need for you all to find the respect that your parents obviously didn't raise you with and recognize a legend when you see one.

Natasha Marie

Natasha Marie
Written by Natasha Marie

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